About Pigeon Center

We value the wonderful world of pigeon sport.

We have noticed that pigeon fanciers who don't have the means or skills to set up their own web space, are in need of a platform to show their pigeons to the rest of the world. That's why we have created Pigeon Center.

Our goal is not to sell pigeons: fanciers choose themselves how to display their pigeons, with or without a selling price. We just want to bring pigeon fanciers and pigeon sport lovers together on an independent and easy-to-use platform.

In case you choose to display a selling price to attract potential buyers, we have set a maximum price of 500€. This ensures that Pigeon Center stays focussed on fanciers with low- to medium-priced pigeons, who are – in our point of view – the fanciers that we want to help out the most with our platform.

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Show your pigeons to the world!

What are my options?

We offer three types of registration:

  • Free: you can register free and you can publish 1 pigeon
  • Normal colony: this subscription allows you to publish up to 6 pigeons
  • Large colony: for those fanciers that want to publish more (up to 100) pigeons

What to do next?

The team behind Pigeon Center

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Ruben America
Technical and support
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Hilaire Surinx
Marketing and advice
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