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We have created Pigeon Center with as much love as possible. The platform is easy-to-use for everyone with basic computer experience. However, we understand that it can be handy to have some help information.

The frequently asked questions below will help you using Pigeon Center. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

How can I register on the website?

Before you register on the website, we advise you to have a look at our available registration types:

  • Free: you can register without cost and publish 1 pigeon
  • Normal colony: this subscription allows you to publish up to 6 pigeons
  • Large colony: for those fanciers that want to publish more (up to 100) pigeons

When you have decided which type to choose, you can go ahead on the registration page, where you can find the appropriate registration links.

Can I sell my pigeons on Pigeon Center?

We do not sell pigeons. We just want to bring pigeon sellers and buyers together on an independent and easy-to-use platform.

As a fancier, you can decide yourself whether you want to display a price on the page of your pigeon or not. If you choose to do so, you can fill in the "price" field of a pigeon with one of the following options:

  • Show price: you fill in a price between 0€ and 500€ and that price will be shown
  • Show no price and leave empty: the price will not be shown
  • Show text 'price on request': the price will not be shown, but instead a text label with 'price on request' will be shown

These options can be set for each pigeon individually.

Important remark

If you choose to show a price on a pigeon page, please know that you need to comply with any rules and regulations of your local/national pigeon federation, and with tax rules in your country.

Why can't I enter a selling price of more than 500€?

We have set a maximum price of 500€. This ensures that Pigeon Center stays focussed on fanciers with low- to medium-priced pigeons, who are – in our point of view – the fanciers that we want to help out the most with our platform.

We believe that there are other ways or platforms to promote or sell higher-priced pigeons.

How do I add text, images, videos and pdf documents to a pigeon?

Adding text, images, videos and documents to a pigeon is fairly straightforward. If you follow the steps on the page, you can add everything in no time.

However, there are a few important restrictions that you should know about when adding images, videos or pdf documents to a pigeon:

  • Maximum image size: 4 megabytes
    We want to avoid that images are too heavy or too big and that they make your pigeon pages unnecessary slow. We advise you to maintain normal-sized images (ideal dimensions: 1600 by 1200 pixels), preferably in jpeg format.
  • Videos: hosted on Youtube or Vimeo
    We don't host videos on our platform. You can add videos that are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo to a pigeon page.
  • Pdf documents
    We don't host pdf documents on our platform. We offer two ways to add pdf documents to a pigeon:

    • option 1: pdf documents hosted on Google Drive
      You can add pdf documents that are hosted on Google Drive. In order to add them correctly to a pigeon, you will need to share the document "publicly to the internet" from within your Google Drive. You can then use that "share link" and add it to your pigeon page.
      (your share link will have to look like this:
      Click here to watch a short video that shows how you can copy a "public share link" in Google Drive
    • option 2: pdf documents hosted on your own website
      If you host pdf documents on your own website, you can add a direct link to a pdf document to your pigeon page.
      (your share link will have to look like this:…/xxxxx.pdf)

We apply these restrictions so that we can make sure that the website doesn't get overloaded and that it stays secure.

If you have any further questions regarding the use of text, images, videos or pdf documents, please contact us.

How can I pay?

If you choose to register for one of our monthly or yearly subscriptions, you can choose your payment method when registering on the website.

We offer payment by Paypal (including credit card) or payment by bank transfer. When we have received your payment, your subscription will be activated. You will be notified by e-mail on each step of the way.

If you have any further questions regarding our payment system, please contact us.

How are the monthly/yearly subscriptions renewed?

When you are logged in, you can consult your subscription status. We show you which type of subscription you have and the date on which your subscription will end.

When your subscription period is over, your subscription will not be automatically renewed by us (so we don't take money off your bank account or credit card). We strongly believe that you have to be in charge of your subscription and that you decide yourself whether you wish to renew your subscription.

We will send you a payment reminder shortly before your subscription period is going to end. At that moment, it is up to you to make payment in order to keep your subcription active.

If you have any further questions regarding subscriptions, please contact us.

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